My Review on a New WorkOut Joint – Pure Barre

Before I start here, let me start by saying – I’m NOT trying to lose crazy amount of weight – but after kid # 2, the love handle has just become a little bit more pronounced, and my mid-section has a layer of flab on it that I just can’t get used to.  Summer is coming in a quick 6 months, and in my current state, I am embarrassed to wear a 2 piece out.


So when I saw on Gilt City a few months ago on a 3 class package to Pure Barre – which is marketed as the fastest, most effective ways to change your body with isometric movements at the ballet barre, yoga and pilates techniques – I was intrigued and slightly curious.  I will admit, the ballet barre was probably what grabbed out to me – since I did really did enjoy my ballet dancing days wayyy back in the days.


Their promise to tone my bottom, and work on flattening those abs probably also grabbed me.


So I went to my first class!  My legs and arms are still shaking.  My body is already hurting in places I never thought will hurt.  I want to stay as far away from that place as possible but at the same time go back as soon as possible.


The class is small.  They only allow 10 students at a time in class (and you have to sign up in advance), and everyone in class was tiny, and has muscle definitions I thought I only see in Shape magazines.  I’m probably a size 4 on my fattest days, and I was easily the largest one in class.  Hmm.  Not a great feeling.


But the teacher was extremely welcoming.  She introduced herself, and told me what I needed to get to get started which included a little ball, some hand weights, stretchy tube and then a spot on the floor.  You wear socks, pants and a shirt in class that doesn’t show off your midriff but with all the ballet barres and full mirrors around the full room; I almost felt like I should’ve been in my tights, leotards, and ballet shoes.


The music was AWESOME, and the class moved FAST.  We worked our legs, rear ends, abs (and oh, we worked our abs), our back and did lots of stretching and breathing in between.  At many points of the class, I wanted to pass out and was wondering if there was a good way to sneak out without getting caught.  Yes – it was THAT hard.  But the teacher was motivating.  “30 seconds!  You can do anything or 30 seconds!”, and come on – how can I not do anything for 30 seconds or 30 minutes or 55 minutes?


And with that mentality, I got through it, and before I knew it; we were at the end of our exercises and going back to getting changed and getting back to our day.


Over-all – it was probably the BEST work out I’ve had in ages in a very clean, friendly and incredible environment.  I still have 2 more classes in my Gilt package I purchased – and I intend to use them ASAP and get some more.  After all, if I really can see results in less than 10 classes, I’m ALL in.

2 piece bikini this summer – maybe?  Check them out for yourself and let me know what you think –




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