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Target Clearance Sale

As promised, we stopped by Target this morning to give you a full report on what to expect from their Toy sale. We ended up browsing their whole store and there was quite a find.  For reference, we went to the Target in College Point, Queens area.  We cannot confirm if all targets will carry the same merchandise.

Let’s start with the women’s department.  Markdowns are between 30-70% off.  You’ll see the biggest markdown in the women’s sportswear collection.  A lot of their sportswear are marked down to 70%.  We saw a few Columbia brand fleece hoodies for under $10.  Running shorts ranging between $5 – $7.  If you’re active and in need of some new threads, sizes are pretty generous – you may want to check this one out.


We headed over to the baby’s section next.  We didn’t take any pictures of that section, but everything in the baby clothing area was only marked down to 30%.  Prices range from $5ish – $20.  If you baby still needs some new winter clothing, this may be for you; but we felt we can get better pricing for babywear elsewhere.  So we headed over to the older girl’s area.  There was very little racks marked with 70%, but what was left was well-received by us.


These snowsuits originally retails for $24.99, they were only $5.  Sizes range from 6-10.
These pants were insulated and actual boarding pants.  On sale for 50% for $9.95.


The girls 70% clearance section was mainly the Harajuki Mini line by Gwen Stefani.  The polka dots skirts were kinda cute but we passed on them since they were still $10 on sale.


We were probably the most impressed with their toy selection.  There were a lot of toys for 70% off.  Note there are some ripped/open/missing pieces for some toys, so if you’re planning on buying any of these as gifts; just look carefully to make sure it’s still in gift-giving shape.  Note that these toys are also pretty seasonal.  You’re not going to find toys like Dora, Disney, Barbies marked down in this aisle.  But if you have a birthday present to buy for in the upcoming months; or better yet – stock up in your toy closet for the unexpected birthday parties your kids are bound to be invited to.  🙂

This soft LalaLoopsy doll was our favorite find, and the only one we found.  We asked a clerk and they are unsure if they’ll be restocking this sale.  This soft doll was marked down to $7 from $24.99.


This Cinderella Vanity Table was such a cute find that we stood in front of the aisle for over 5 minutes wondering if this is someone we can give it to.  We thought about Mama Winnie for her girl’s bday but figure she’ll kill us for giving her a big toy. But if you have someone to give this to, this is now $29.99 marked down from $99.99


There were a lot of random little hot wheel cars in this aisle.  Little cars are always good to have around.  They are perfect for stocking stuffers for next Christmas or better yet, party favors during a birthday celebration.  These suckers were marked down to $.65 from $2.50.  Note there are others that priced higher then these.  We only picked up the ones that were less then $1.
Leap Frog Tag books are great for kids, but oh soo expensive.  We found these in the 70% aisle as well.  They are marked down to $3 from $24.99.  Another great score.

Let us know what you score at the Target Clearance sale….