H&M Children Winter Clearance Sale

H&M’s Winter Clearance sale is still underway, and we like stopping by towards the end of the sale to see what’s left and see if it gets marked down even more.  Nothing was going on in the women or men section, but all the children’s clothing that was marked down is given an additional 50% off.  Not all of the H&M’s have a children’s section – so be sure to check their store locator online to make sure your location has a children’s section.

H&M is still one of the few chains left that does not have an e-commerce presence, so you’ll have to stop by the store to pick your threads.  We stopped by the H&M in Herald Square on 34th Street in NY.  Their children’s section is on the 3rd floor.  Huge red signs labelled “SALE” is above racks and racks of sale items.  The are 3 sections of this part of the store you can tackle.  On the far left of the store is their baby section ages 0-24 months for both boys and girls.  Price range from $1 – $7 and clothing varies between summer to winter seasons.  In the middle of the section is their boys’ section ages 1.5-16 years old.  There were a bit of sleeveless Mator Tow Truck shirts, short sleeves, sweaters, winter outwear to summer shorts and even trunks on sale.  On the far right side of the store were the girls section. There were a bunch of tank tops with a big gold sparkly heart on the middle of the shirt, some short skirts with bird patterned on it, lot of sweaters & sweater dresses on racks, & short sleeve tops with cute graphic pictures on it.  If you looked carefully enough, you’ll even be able to find some Hello Kitty long sleeve shirts for $3 – $5.

We were in quite a bit of a rush so we weren’t able to take too much pictures, but here are some of them below.


These gray boy shorts were priced at $3.00


This short sleeve active-wear top is priced at $2.50


This skirt with bird at $2.50


This skirt is priced at $5


6pm – Steve Madden Boot Sale

Steve Madden is having a huge shoe sale on 6pm.  Shoes & Boots are anywhere between 60 – 80% of.  There were a few that caught our eyes.  Shipping is free.

Originally $189.95, now $69.99
Originally $169.95, now $51.99