Barneys Warehouse Sale – Online

2011_12_barneys2.jpegNot surprisingly, the Barney’s warehouse sale will once again be hosted online before it hits the physical sale.  If the summer online warehouse sale is any clue to what is to follow – we’ll see higher prices online then the sales.  But what you get in exchange is the happy click click click of shopping online without waiting hours in whatever weather elements it is to score a cute pair shoes.

The drill seems to be the same this time around. The department store is soliciting email addresses and promising “to notify you as soon as the sale starts.” But no date has been announced.

Head here to sign up to receive notification from Barney’s about the sale.

Free Voucher for $1 Kindle Book

amazonlocal free kindle book voucher

Enjoy a good page turner from the Amazon Kindle Store. Choose from select mysteries, thrillers, sci-fi adventures, and literary gems for Kindle — just $1 each with this free voucher. Limited to one per customer.

To Receive Your $1 Kindle Book:

  • Go here to get your free voucher, including a promo code.
  • Then go here. Enter your promo code. Click “Apply.”
  • Code will remain in your Amazon account until you use it toward an eligible purchase or until it expires on 2/7/13, at 11:59 pm PT.
  • Purchase one of these select books and your code will automatically be applied at checkout. You will see on your order confirmation email that you will only be charged $1 for your purchase.

Free Vistaprint Valentines Day card with $4.80 shipping

Vistaprint announced a great freebie this morning – this one is for 10 sheets of personalized valentines, just pay shipping which is around $4.80. Each sheet can have up to three (3) Valentines on it (depending on the style you choose) – which makes them as low as $0.16 cents each shipped

  1. To design your Valentine’s start here.
  2. You can pick from a whole bunch of cute designs
  3. You can add the To and From fields and include a personal message. I recommend putting TO: My friend! or you can leave the To field blank and just write them in when they arrive.
  4. Be careful not to add any extras. For example, you could have the option of printing a design on the back – but if it’s in color that adds a small cost, plus it can increase shipping. If you want them to be completely free, don’t add the extras.
  5. On your way to checkout, avoid all the extra offers – things like notepads, address labels, stamps. They may increase your shipping by quite a bit. I usually just stick to the free stuff. To get to the checkout quickly, just click show all offers and then go to cart – and it will prevent you from clicking through five pages of “deals”
  6. Shipping should be about $4.80. And they usually ship a lot faster then they say.

What to do with your kid for Chinese New year

We’ll be ringing in the Chinese New Year in the next 2 weeks.  So we put together some fun activities you can do with your kiddies to help them understand/learn  more about what the Lunar New Year is about.

Start by reading them a story on what Chinese New Year is and how families prepare for the holiday.  Bringing in the New Year  for $7.99 follows a Chinese American family as they prepare for the Lunar New Year.

This year is the year of the Snake.  We found some coloring pages that can be a great fit for kids of all ages.

  • Chinese Zodiac Chart – There are 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac.  Teach kids which are the 12.
  • Snake Coloring Page – This can be perfect for kids of any age.  You’ll be able to review the sound for the letter “S”, trace the word “snake” in lower case letter, and then which child doesn’t like to color?
  • Paper Chain Snake – This is appropriate for kids 3+.  It’ll help kids work on their fine motor skills, and which kid doesn’t like to do some cutting & gluing?  This also makes for a perfect decoration piece for home for your kids.
  • Chinese New Year Lantern – Red Lanterns are a symbol of good luck & prosperity during the new year – have your child make her own with only a few key items
  • Sock Hand Puppet – If you have some old socks at home, this can be a fun project for your older child.
  • Snack Jigsaw Puzzle – This is a great piece for kids to put together and help with reviewing their alphabets.
  • End your day and make some Fried Rice with your kid – most kids love it, and it can be adapted to work for anyone.