The hidden cost of pregnancy

So you found out you’re pregnant, and you’re one of those financially responsible parents who started stockpiling diapers, and started an account to save for a college tuition. 

Unfortunately, have you considered some of the hidden costs of pregnancy?

1)      Maternity/Paternity leave – Technically in the States, it’s called FMLA – Family Medlcal Leave of Absence, and unfortunately for most people in this country, FMLA only gurantees that you will have a job 3 months later when you return to your job, but does NOT gurantee that you’ll have  a pyaycheck while you’re on leave.  It is up to the company whether or not they chose to pay you while you’re out. So if you’re like most family in the U.S. – where you’re reliant on your dual income for survival – now is the time to start saving those paychecks for when you’re going to be out.

2)      Maternity Clothes – Unless you happen to be one of those lucky women who get away with never having to wear maternity clothes during their pregnancies (Halle Berry, I’m looking at you), you will have to invest in some type of maternity wardrobe. Personally, I hate buying maternity clothes (9 months is such a short amount of time, right?)

3)      Your insurance deductible – Have insurance? With a deductible? Watch out or you may end up paying twice for your pregnancy. If you get pregnant near the end of the year and deliver early in the next, you may have to pay out-of-pocket for your medical care twice!

Aside from that, being pregnant is a joyous and special time for you and your bundle of joy.  So be responsible, but enjoy these moments; since the time you have where it’s truly just you and your baby are these 10 months you’re carrying him/her.

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