Tips to Save Money During Pregnancy

Balancing the AccountsThere are some additional expenses that are difficult, if not impossible, to avoid during pregnancy. But today, just about everybody is looking to save money wherever they can. Here are a few suggestions for reducing these extra maternity costs:

If you know a friend or relative who was recently pregnant, find out if they have any maternity clothes they would like to pass on to you.

Mail order a multi month supply of your prenatal vitamins. This method of buying prescription medication is usually at a discount.

Buy empire-waist shirts that can be worn after pregnancy instead of maternity tops.  Buy a pants-extending maternity accessory like the Bella Band in order to wear your pre-pregnancy pants longer.  Shop consignment or thrift stores for maternity fashions.  Purchase maternity items online. A lot of maternity items you find in stores can be found cheaper online. A great example is a nursing bra. You can try them on in the store to find the one you like best; then order it online, typically at a lower price.

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