We’ll Miss YOU ALL

We’ll miss you.

We’re ecstatic, giddy & extremely sad at the same time.  In four days, it would mark the anniversary of our one year anniversary as contributors to NYCDUMPLINGMAMAS.com.  We want to let you guys know that we’ve enjoyed your commentary, your company and your support in the last year.  But Winnie Mama & I have decided to close our doors in 4 days.  We’ll be embarking on an even more fun journey that involves girly twirls, fashionable designs & clothing for girls ages 2-8 called Sammie Cheeks.  We’re in production and haven’t launched yet, but the designs are fresh, trendy & fun.  Message us your email address so we can add you to our subscription list for a 10% coupon code exclusive to our loyal NYCDUMPLINGMAMAS readers for when we launch our line, Fall 2014.

Till then, enjoy the deals we continue to scout for you in the next few days.


Cheryl & Winnie Mama


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